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FTTS-FA-001 Antibacterial Textiles for General Use
FTTS-FA-002 Antibacterial Textiles for Medical Use
FTTS-FA-003 Electromagnetic Shielding Textiles
FTTS-FA-004 Moisture Transferring and Quick Drying Textiles
FTTS-FA-005 Water-Vapor Permeable and Liquid-Water Impermeable Textiles
FTTS-FA-006 Antifungal Textiles
FTTS-FA-007 Wrinkle Free Textiles
FTTS-FA-008 Ultraviolet Protective Textiles
FTTS-FA-009 Antistatic Textiles
FTTS-FA-010 Far Infrared Textiles
FTTS-FA-011 Water Repellent Textiles
FTTS-FA-012 Oil Repellent Textiles
FTTS-FA-013 Stain Release Textiles
FTTS-FA-015 Flame-Resistant Textiles
FTTS-FA-016 Charcoal Contained Filler Fiber Textiles for Warmth Retention
FTTS-FA-017 Deodorization for Charcoal Contained Filler Textiles
FTTS-FA-018 Deodorized Textiles
FTTS-FA-019 Cool Feeling Textiles
FTTS-FA-020 Liquid Moisture Management Properties of Textile Fabrics
FTTS-FA-023 Generating Heat-Textiles
FTTS-FA-027 Antibacterial Activity
FTTS-GA-024 Cycling Clothing
FTTS-GA-025 Jogging Clothing
FTTS-GA-026 Energy-saving Clothing
[Activities] [2012/03/13] 2012 April 18-21 STCF:15th STRAITS TEXTILE CLOTHING FAIR
[Activities] [2012/03/13] 2012 China Sourcing Fair / Hong Kong Booth/11L16
[Activities] [2012/02/02] 2012 March 06-10 SPOMODE: Taipei Int'l Sport's Textile and Accessory Expo, Booth/ H0501
[Activities] [2012/01/20] 2012 January 27-Febaruary ISPO MUNICH, Booth/ B3-508-7
[Activities] [2011/11/17] Things to do before your product hits the market – TFT Certification System Seminar
[Activities] [2011/10/11] 2011 TIS Booth Activities – Seminar speaker
[Activities] [2011/03/08] 14th Cross-Straits Textile and Clothing Fair (STCF) (2011/04/18~21) Venue: Art Exhibition Center of Shishi Clothign City, Shishi, Fujian, China
[Activities] [2011/03/08] 2011 China Sourcing Fair (2011.04.27~30) Hong Kong Asia International Exhibition Hall
[Activities] [2011/03/08] TITAS 2011 (2011/10/12~14) Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall1, Taipei, Taiwan
[Activities] [2011/03/08] Taipei In Style 2011 (Exhibition date: 2011/10/21~23). Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

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