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FTTS-FA-001 Antibacterial Textiles for General Use
FTTS-FA-002 Antibacterial Textiles for Medical Use
FTTS-FA-003 Electromagnetic Shielding Textiles
FTTS-FA-004 Moisture Transferring and Quick Drying Textiles
FTTS-FA-005 Water-Vapor Permeable and Liquid-Water Impermeable Textiles
FTTS-FA-006 Antifungal Textiles
FTTS-FA-007 Wrinkle Free Textiles
FTTS-FA-008 Ultraviolet Protective Textiles
FTTS-FA-009 Antistatic Textiles
FTTS-FA-010 Far Infrared Textiles
FTTS-FA-011 Water Repellent Textiles
FTTS-FA-012 Oil Repellent Textiles
FTTS-FA-013 Stain Release Textiles
FTTS-FA-015 Flame-Resistant Textiles
FTTS-FA-016 Charcoal Contained Filler Fiber Textiles for Warmth Retention
FTTS-FA-017 Deodorization for Charcoal Contained Filler Textiles
FTTS-FA-018 Deodorized Textiles
FTTS-FA-019 Cool Feeling Textiles
FTTS-FA-020 Liquid Moisture Management Properties of Textile Fabrics
FTTS-FA-023 Generating Heat-Textiles
FTTS-FA-027 Antibacterial Activity
FTTS-GA-024 Cycling Clothing
FTTS-GA-025 Jogging Clothing
FTTS-GA-026 Energy-saving Clothing
  2012 March 06-10 SPOMODE: Taipei Int'l Sport's Textile and Accessory Expo, Booth/ H0501  (2012/2/2)

2012 Taipei Int''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''l Sports Textile & Accessory Expo

(SpoMode 2012)

Show Dates & Hours:

9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m., March 6 to 9, 2012

9 a.m. ~ 3 p.m., March 10, 2012

★ Open to Public on last day

In Conjunction with: Taipei Int''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''l Cycle Show (25th Edition), Taipei Int''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''l Sporting Goods Show (39th Edition) & Taiwan Int''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''l Diving and Water Sports Show (1st Edition)

Exhibits: Sportswear, Fabric, & Accessories

Venues: TWTC Exhibition Hall, Area H

TFT Booth No. H0501




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