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FTTS-FA-001 Antibacterial Textiles for General Use
FTTS-FA-002 Antibacterial Textiles for Medical Use
FTTS-FA-003 Electromagnetic Shielding Textiles
FTTS-FA-004 Moisture Transferring and Quick Drying Textiles
FTTS-FA-005 Water-Vapor Permeable and Liquid-Water Impermeable Textiles
FTTS-FA-006 Antifungal Textiles
FTTS-FA-007 Wrinkle Free Textiles
FTTS-FA-008 Ultraviolet Protective Textiles
FTTS-FA-009 Antistatic Textiles
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FTTS-FA-016 Charcoal Contained Filler Fiber Textiles for Warmth Retention
FTTS-FA-017 Deodorization for Charcoal Contained Filler Textiles
FTTS-FA-018 Deodorized Textiles
FTTS-FA-019 Cool Feeling Textiles
FTTS-FA-020 Liquid Moisture Management Properties of Textile Fabrics
FTTS-FA-023 Generating Heat-Textiles
FTTS-FA-027 Antibacterial Activity
FTTS-GA-024 Cycling Clothing
FTTS-GA-025 Jogging Clothing
FTTS-GA-026 Energy-saving Clothing
FTTS-FA-006 Antifungal Textiles

FTTS-FA-006 Antifungal Textiles


Fungi grown and spread on fabrics might not only produce objectionable odors or spots but also cause the inflection of skin or other health problems. Therefore, the application of antifungal treatments to fibers or fabrics is very common in textile industry. Antifungal Textiles suppress the growth of fungus. Their application scope is very extensive, including medical use, household use (rags and bath towels), furnishings, hygiene, cleansing, socks and many others.

With current antifungal technology in Taiwan, the effectiveness of antifungal textile can generally achieve JIS grade 0 (no growth). The test method applied is JIS Z2911. While judging by FTTS-FA-006, no fungal growth on tested fabric can be classified as “excellent”.


These criteria are applicable to the evaluation and testing of antifungal activity of textile.

Performance specification

.Criteria :
Textile must achieve antifungal activity expressed by area of fungal growth (%) to grade C or above on 4 specified test organisms or on Trichophyton metagrophytes (ATCC 9533), after being washed for 50, 20, 10, or 5 cycles by an approved lab, or no washing required for disposable product so to meet the requirement set for FTTS-FA-006.

.Washing requirement:


Washing cycles


Antifungal activity after 50 washing


Antifungal activity after 20 washing


Antifungal activity after 10 washing


Antifungal activity after 5 washing


Antifungal activity without washing(for disposable products)

.Classification of antifungal activity:

Area of fungi growth on specimens (%)



No growth, None



Growth area≦10



10< growth area



.Toxicity test:

The applicant must provide animal test reports with dermal irritation test (PII primary irritation index1000 mg/kg, no mortality nor abnormal symptom) for the antifungal finishing reagent used for the treated textile. This can also be provided by test report copy from a third party or guarantee letter from antifungal finishing reagent supplier.


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